Ah.. Tumblr. What an inspirational shit to have an account on.

I’ve been using Tumblr for a few years now. No, I’m not Tumblr famous or anything like that. I use it to find inspiration and trigger my creativity (whenever it’s dead) on things I’m passionate about. BUT that doesn’t mean I wanna strictly look and become like the girls you’d see.. Last night I went on a Tumblr-mode after a long ass hiatus. These six photos bring out my current mood where I wanna switch up my style, start journaling again with a more creative approach, then find ways to improve my makeup skills and stop having an uptight facial expression in photos. Haha. The thing about inspiration, we tend to use it in an indirectly manner mixed with our individual approaches.

Anyways, I just wanna share my current Moodboard 🙂 What’s yours? Hope your 2016 has been going great and smooth.

xx, Mirel

\\ Photos found & taken from Tumblr //


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