Style Stealing My Mom


Hi lovelies!

I’m 90% done with packing my stuff to be shipped next week. I don’t know how to feel about this.. I’m leaving KL for good. It’s bitter sweet when I think about it but let’s not go there, haha.

I went to a boutique opening last weekend with some of my friends. It’s called Lenalee Boutique.

I had my eye on these pair of printed pants. It’s stretchy on the hips/waist but It seemed to be too small for my body. I’m trying to be more practical with my purchases now, especially that I have a huge box filled of clothes – I’m pretty sure my parents would kill me if they saw more of my clothes haha.

Either way I was very clueless on what to wear!! Most of my clothes are packed and sealed in the ‘clothes box’. Luckily I left out this lime green, white polka dot, button shirt. It’s so cute. Never ever worn this since my mom handed it down to me, say 5 years ago? Lol I wasn’t into fashion at the time. Sorry you can’t see the details of the top though 😦

One thing I find this as a very unique garment is the bottom part that can be tied into a knot. Usually I’d have to leave out some buttons undone but this one is all set for me to tie.

This entire outfit was my mom’s, and she said she wore it like me. Sigh, if only I have a picture of her wearing this I could have shown you..

Have you ever dressed like your mom before?

xx, Mirel


\\ Photographed by: Mirrah //


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