Diplomatic Reception in KL


Hi lovelies!

I’m down with a cold. Gosh, my immune system is so weak. Got any tips for me to boost it up? I eat a lot and have appetite though.. OH and my room’s air-conditioner is working again!!

Luckily last week, just two days after I’ve arrived in KL, I was fit enough to participate in another Dian Pelangi fashion show initiated by the Indonesian Embassy in KL to celebrate the Diplomatic Reception. It wasn’t as emotional as I thought it would have been. Since it was, perhaps, my final fashion show in KL or like ever haha. Story of a freelancer! Most of the usual people who I’ve worked with weren’t around so I assume that’s why it felt less sad. I don’t know. Either way I was happy to work with some familiar faces both as the models and stylist!

I was dressed in only Dian Pelangi and had a great time walking on the runway. I’m so glad that I did because the runway was really high – I’m afraid of heights hence the emphasis – I became a wreck during rehearsal. But you know what? I managed to put my fear aside. I think that’s really important. Seems like, when you’re doing something you’re passionate about, any obstacles and fears you face CAN be put aside.

Who cares of what people think of your performance! As long as you felt confident of yourself and didn’t for one second overthink about it during or after your spotlight moment. You’re good gurl/dude 🙂

Now, on the clothes.

FASHION SHOW OOTD I love how Dian Pelangi is a brave woman who ALWAYS mix and match patterns, colors and textures in one whole outfit. Sounds overwhelming but the amount of mixtures never end up resulting into “too much of this, too much of that”. Mixtures are always blended perfectly well.

I was fortunate to be dressed in a gorgeous fuchsia gown which had colorful batik patterns and topped off with these white beads or something I’m not sure what it’s called. Actually it was a bit short for me, the stylist gave me a wide purple scarf, tied around my middle fingers, to allow it become an item that I could swing around whilst I walked on the runway. Plus I got a fascinator! It reminds me of Kate Middleton’s, haha.

LOVE my overall look for this fashion show!!

OOTD I personally dressed very comfortably with a jumper, shirt, pants and sandals. I realize that it’s not party ready but I was working, I knew that I was going to be at the Royale Chulan Hotel, KL for the whole day. Might as well I feel cozy, right?

What do you think of my looks?

PS. Here are some of the models in Dian Pelangi Collection as well.

xx, Mirel




\\ Photographed by: Sai, Zahir & Galuh // Makeup by: Mustika Ratu // Styled by: Soneb //


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