From JKT to KUL


Hi lovelies!

I’m back in Kuala Lumpur!! Ahhh so happy to be here again!!!! But the meanest possible situation happened. My room’s air-condition is temporarily not functioning, and the worst part is: my parents and I gotta wait till Friday for the technician to come. MY GOD IT’S HOT IN KL.

Please excuse my face, I was hungry but determined to get some pictures done at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, hahaha.

I don’t think I’ve ever worn a dress and sandals while I traveled by plane before, so this was a first. It has a perfect length, as it falls slightly on my knees and covers half of my arms. I like the pop of yellow in it. Honestly I didn’t plan on matching the yellow sandals with the dress! I realized it when my mother pointed out. Nor the brown watch! Haha.

I forgot to bring a scarf along, although I usually bring one. How dumb of me. But I always carry this backpack! It fits a lot without having to look huge/bulky. Plus it gives a chilled vibe to whatever I decided to wear. If I didn’t carry a backpack with this outfit, my look wouldn’t have been casual like this.

Do you travel with backpacks too?




\\ Photographed by: Mother //


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