Obsession: The 1950’s Style


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Hi lovelies!

How’s the week going for ya? I’m craving for donuts, hahaha. Anyways..

Every month – starting from August 2015 – features another new series called OBSESSION. It does sound a bit similar to FAVORITES but here, I’d be talking more about anything that I have came across to be inspiring and interesting. It could be about fashion and/or beauty!

I hope that clears up FAVORITES and OBSESSION 😀

For this month’s topic, I’m transporting you back to the 1950’s.

Ah, the 1950’s. Don’t you love the classiness of how women looked in this era? I swear, if I saw someone who dresses like they belonged to the 1950’s, I would most likely light up, like a floating lantern in the dark night sky.

From the looks of this era, women dressed to embrace themselves. Their outfits were always polished and tailored to the right proportions of their figures; hence the classy, sexy aura women gave from their outfits.

I don’t know if everyone then were blessed with a small waist – noticeably from the photographs that I found. To think of it, it must be the garments they wore. Designers paid much more attention into the garments’ silhouettes.

Garments on the upper torso were boxy but fell narrowly towards the waist area, thus a slimmer waist appearance was achieved. Dressing towards the lower torso, there were waist defining bottoms – particularly being high-waisted – to choose from such as the midi skirt, pencil skirt, long pants and tight shorts.

The colors used were subtle, moreover patterns on the garments were a hit.

I found some pictures that could hopefully be a guide for whoever wishes to try out the 1950’s style. [From left to right]

  1. THE I SPENT HOURS JUST NOW BECAUSE I EMBRACE MY BODY LOOK -This screams the 1950’s! These photographed women clearly opted for different ways to achieve the same approach, which was to look classy. The hairs, the outfits, the accessories and the heels really showed that these women wanted to look very neat, beautiful, sexy and most importantly embraced their femininity. I say, BRILLIANT. Just follow my view on the garments explained above and you get this look! I personally choose outfit number 4 (far right).
  1. THE EVERYDAY LET’S GO OUT OF THE HOUSE LOOK – To pull off a casual yet polished appearance didn’t seem hard. All three of them wore patterned sleeve-tops but they individually chose different high-waisted bottoms (from left to right): pencil skirt, pants and midi skirt. Formfitting and classy. Choose a patterned top and either one of the mentioned bottoms. Then voila! I personally choose outfit number 1 and 2 (left or middle). 
  1. THE BABE WHO DOESN’T HAVE TO TRY HARD AKA MARILYN MONROE’S CASUAL LOOK – I’m sorry this picture of her is unclear but I really wanted to include it because normally, when we think and Google Marilyn Monroe, images of her in body-hugging dresses pop up. Meanwhile she is in a casual outfit that seems to be a sleeveless top, pants and flats/low pumps in this particular photograph. The key to achieve this look is to find loose tops and tight pants that really fit your body. I personally would wear this outfit!
  1. THE PUFFY-LIKE DRESSES AREN’T MY THING BUT I’VE SPENT HOURS TOO LOOK – Seems like these women dressed in the late 1950’s because their style is quite similar to the 1960’s. Anywho.. Talk about chic and classy!! These women are slaying!! Find dresses that are above the knee, don’t have patterns and most importantly to get this look the silhouette looks loose yet slim fitted at the same time. Plus straight hair, the bags and heels! I personally choose both outfits!
  1. THE DATE NIGHT LOOK – Going on a date in the 50’s meant that women spent hours just like in LOOK 1.
  1. THE IT’S WAY TOO HOT IN THIS COUNTRY LOOK – I’m not surprised that women ditched their puffy-like dresses in the summer and went ahead with high-waisted, tight shorts (with patterns or not). No, not high-waisted denim shorts. Find high-waisted, patterned or solid colored shorts and pair it with collared tank-tops, basic tank-tops and boxy/crop tank-tops. I personally choose outfit number 3 (right).

That is my entire take on the 1950’s style for women and tips to achieve the kinds of looks I stumbled upon. Please keep in mind that I am not an expert on this topic! I’m here to share my admiration and opinions. That’s all 🙂

Now, the question is, which outfits would you choose from each categories??

xx, Mirel


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