Look Cute While Doing Your Finals


Hi lovelies!

I am sad to announce that this is my last post regarding to my university days..

You know the saying where on the first day of the semester you look your best but on the last day of the semester, you tend to look….shitty? Well I made sure I wasn’t going to be another victim of this stupid saying!! Haha.

On the day of my literally last final exam, I didn’t want to look overdressed because after all, I was doing my finals. At the same time though, I didn’t want to look like a zombie. Hence I came up with this look 🙂

Want to achieve something similar to my look? Follow my tips:

  • Stick to the neutrals – You’d look as if you tried so hard to put yourself together but in reality you’re stressed/lacking sleep/hungry. Neutral colors are timeless!
  • ALWAYS bring/wear a jacket – I have never been inside an exam hall that isn’t freezing cold! Even if you’re immune to the cold AC, you’d never know how handy it is to bring one.
  • Keep your hair away from your face – My hair is down and to the side but that’s only because I was done with my paper. Put it up into a bun! You can always take it down after you’re done with your paper(s).
  • Wear a bold lip color – Tinted lip balms, lip glosses and lipsticks are great to use because they can light up your face.
  • Choose simple accessories – Bare in mind accessories should not distract you. So wear it wherever you feel the most comfortable. Also, choose short/loose kinds instead.

Some people have started their classes already meanwhile others haven’t. Either way I hope these tips could bring inspiration and be useful for anyone who will sit down in hell during finals season 😀 For now, enjoy the last days of your holiday!

xx, Mirel


\\ Photographed by: Fikry //


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