Look Cute While Doing Your Finals


For those of you still last minute hitting up the books for your finals, I got some tips on how to maintain comfort plus stylish.

  • Stick To the Neutrals – You’d look as if you tried so hard to put yourself together but in reality you’re stressed/lacking sleep/hungry. Neutral colors are timeless!
  • ALWAYS Bring/Wear a Jacket – I have never been inside an exam hall that isn’t freezing cold! Even if you’re immune to the cold AC, you’d never know how handy it is to bring one.
  • Keep Your Hair Away From Your Face – My hair is down and to the side but that’s only because I was done with my paper. Put it up into a bun! You can always take it down after you’re done with your paper(s).
  • Wear a Bold Lip Color – Tinted lip balms, lip glosses and lipsticks are great to use because they can light up your face.
  • Choose Simple Accessories – Bare in mind accessories should not distract you. So wear it wherever you feel the most comfortable. Also, choose short/loose kinds instead.

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