Indonesia’s 70th Merdeka


Hi lovelies! How’s Monday doing for ya? I’m still sick but I really wanted to have this post up since it’s a special day in Indonesia.

August 17th, 2015 marks Indonesia’s 70th Independence Day. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE TO MY FELLOW INDONESIANS WHEREVER YOU MIGHT BE!!! MERDEKAAA 🙂

Normally on this day, people – doesn’t really matter the age really – tend to dress in red and white because these two colors embody the national flag. I decided to not follow the norm this year..

I’m wearing a locally produced dress which is owned by my mother. It’s in purple with some yellow and a hint of black. Actually the size doesn’t fit me well but damn, it’s comfortable! I also love how it’s long, reaching to my ankles. As to where my mother bought it, she doesn’t even remember hahaha.

Personally I get an island vibe from wearing this dress. And I like having that kind of vibe whenever I’m here because this country is made up of approximately thousands of islands, and each of them have unique, fresh and beautiful nature surrounding every bit of this archipelago. You still get that local-island vibe even in big cities! To be frank I haven’t traveled across the whole country yet but I told myself, someday I will definitely do that! Have you been to Indonesia before?

Oopsie I ranted 😀

I seriously wonder, don’t you get the island vibe from looking at this dress?

xx, Mirel


\\ Photographed by: Me //


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