Wish Upon a Star: Adidas Superstar

adidas superstar 2

adidas superstar


One of the things that Tumblr has caught my eye lately is the Adidas Superstar.

Besides Tumblr, I noticed a lot of South Koreans wore sneakers opposed to boots during my quick visit last month (travel diary is coming up soon!). It ranged from Nike, Adidas and New Balance. How could they not though? There were so many of these stores when I walked around areas such as Gangnam, Itaewon and Hong Je.

Sadly, when I went to Nike or Adidas to try on a pair that I loved, the store didn’t have my size. The maximum size was UK   6.5? And I’m an 8.5 UK for women. I was absolutely crushed. So no shoe shopping for me in Seoul 😦

Back to the Adidas Superstar.. I don’t recall seeing this in Malaysia yet – struggle of finding the perf sneakers here is real I tell ya. I hope that it would come out soon or if I’m fortunate, I can purchase it while I travel.

Anyone who’s in Malaysia: can you tell me if this around?

xx, Mirel


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