Voyages: A Ferry Ride


Late 2016 Mirella had dark brown, long hair, chubby cheeks resulting from the various late night adventures around Jakarta. She was given a surprise:  a work trip to Merak-Lampung for only 3 days.

We were on a ferry – supposedly a fancy ferry from Japan that had an affordable price range. An hour ferry ride was definitely not enough to plant my body onto the beds of a VIP room inside this ferry. Especially the part where we took pictures to print a very random moment in our careers – at least it was for me! So here’s me finding myself on the upper deck of the ferry trying to pose with my eyes squinting into a straight line and me acting serious as a talent. Plus a bonus view of a beach at a hotel where we didn’t even spend our nights at.


LAMPUNG2016_2LAMPUNG2016_4 (2)LAMPUNG2016_1


“You look FRESH”

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetWanna get rid of the bad mojo? One way is to chop off and re-color your hair. Honestly, it was one of the best and random decisions thus far.┬á“Is this length enough?” asked the hairdresser. I said, YES. Little did I know, it was this short. Internally, I screamed for a good 15 minutes as the hairdresser blew out my hair. But after a cigarette and self examination, I fell in love. “You look so much fresh now with that hair cut!” people praise me.┬áGuess the bad mojo is gone?



HYPE: 90’s Shades

Since 2017, the 90’s fashion kept on popping up on the streets, magazines and social media. The 90’s SHADES┬áis one of them, and I am obsessed. Clearly not all are functioning to protect our eyes from the evil UV rays, especially now with global warming effectively hitting our dear beloved, Earth. But these shades, in black, brown or rainbow colors are undoubtedly cute and such an effortless accessory. Here are some examples I love stumbled on tumblr. Do you think this hype will go on throughout the rest of 2018?


(C) Tumblr

Welcome February! I left January with moods of┬áCONFUSION. SMOKES. WHITES. NIGHTS. ADORATION.┬áThe early 20s phase of not knowing what do with life is real. All I know is one thing: you only live once. And that leads to the constant smokes twirling in wherever is possible to burn the paper. Sometimes, in crisp white outfits. Something about the color white being so fresh, clean and put together without even trying. White is effortless. As for the nights I’ve been staying up? It’s been peaceful – going home to see the moon and the wind blowing to my face as I ride the public motorbike service. It’s one of the many things I’ve been adoring. If you open your eyes wider, you’ll notice the little things in life to adore – tangible or not.

For weekly updates of my moodboard, check out mirel.

To Self Love

New year, same old promise to keep this space alive.

“There needs to be consistency, discipline and hope,” said a like minded person who I recently met. I don’t know how you people keep it up, but truly, it is inspiring for me. And for those who knew it all along in me, gracias – this is for you.

In this new year, what do you hope to achieve? Better yet, what do you hope to achieve day by day? I wish for health, to be surrounded with like-minded people, filled of passion and most of all, serenity.

Cheers to more spontaneity, laughter, joy, free souls and a calm heart!


M O V E S @ We The Fest ’17


A M U S E M E N T. L I G H T S. S W E A T S. C R O P T O P S. S H O R T S. S I N G I N G. D A N C I N G. J O Y. 

Inspired by Coachella, We The Fest Festival or WTF┬áis an annual 2-3 days festival in Jakarta. This year’s marked as my second year, and let me tell you it was hella LIT! Now, I didn’t go throughout the festival however I’d have been an idiot if I missed out Day 3 which featured Big Sean and G-Eazy – Day 3 insanely blew my mind!!!